Channel Letters

If you've ever driven past a strip mall at night, then you're probably familiar with the effectiveness of channel letter signs. One of the most common ways to sign your business, our channel letter signs can be created to fit any budget and idea.

Three common types of channel letters are standard, reverse, and open.

The standard channel letters have colored Plexiglas over neon or LED in an aluminum can/frame. Our aluminum construction never rusts and is lightweight making it easier for installation.

Reverse channel letters are often called Halo-lit signs as the lighting comes from behind letters that have a metal front, clear back and are mounted away from the surface of the building. By day, the signage can easily be seen and by night, the signage comes to life.

The open channel letters may or may not be open. These signs are manufactured much like the standard channel letter signs and may use a clear Plexiglas face at customer’s request. In either case, the raw materials of the sign are exposed.

We at United Signs use the latest automated equipment to fabricate our letters so you can rest assured that the final product will meet and exceed your expectations. We use only UL approved components highly resistant to the elements thus creating a safe and long lasting product.

Methods of Installation

Channel letters are installed, in most cases, in one of two ways. One, directly on the wall. This is a case where there is access to the wall behind the letters. The other way is where the letters are first mounted on a race way. The latter is most preferred by building management since it avoids the drilling of too many holes on the wall and it facilitates installation.

We sell at both retail and wholesale prices.